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The ‘Legends of the Game’ Dictionary


The ever growing definitive football dictionary, dedicated to educating fans of the beautiful game. As a child, my infatuation for learning the history of the game originated from this book. Every night for nearly two years my brother and I would study and quiz each other on all details; from tournament hosts to top goalscorers, from players clubs to even players heights.

What this book did for us was unmeasurable. Not alone did it gives us the opportunity show off in front of our friends, it gave us the thirst to never stop learning. These simple details were all that was needed to spur us on to discover that next source of information.

And this is what this project is all about. We don’t want to overwhelm and bombard people with unnecessary information. Each entry is a brief synopsis describing that player, club or match alongside an accompanying photograph.

In my eyes, as time passes, it becomes notably more important for the wonderful history that surrounds this game, to be embraced and never forgotten. Hopefully you agree.